Sunday, September 2, 2012

Book Review: Orwell's Luck (YA)

Author:  Richard Jennings
Title: Orwell’s Luck
Description: The narrator (we never learn her name) finds a partially paralyzed rabbit on the morning paper on New Year’s morning, and determines to care for him until he is healed. This rabbit appears to have some special qualities, however. He may be communicating with her via the daily horoscopes.
Review source: ALA
Plot: Pretty cute. Will the rabbit send a message? Will the rabbit survive?
Characters: Orwell, the rabbit, is significantly the only character in the book who actually has a name. Everyone else has a role: the mom, the dad, the sister, the cat, the dog, the neighbors.
Writing style: Ostensibly narrated by a twelve year-old girl, this narrator is extremely well-spoken with a wide vocabulary. She is also thoughtful, entertaining plans at various points in the narrative to be a detective, a veterinarian, and a philosopher.
Audience: I’d estimate 5th – 9th grades. It was a one-hour read for me, and I enjoyed it.
Wrap-up: Pick it up if you enjoy clever, thoughtful YA lit, or if you have a middle-schooler who loves animals, reading, or both. 4/5*

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