Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Top Ten Movies of the Year 2010

Really, I only care about books.  But I love Top Ten lists, so in the spirit of that affection, here are the top 10 movies I saw this year.  I watch 90% of my movies on DVD, so if it didn’t come out this year, that’s just too bad—this year is when I first saw it.

10. The Proposal—a decent romcom
9.  Julie & Julia—pros: Julia; cons: Julie
8.  Young Victoria—closest I got to a drawing room romance this year
7.  Rent—my son’s pick, but I loved the music.  How could I have missed seeing it for so long?
6.  Letters to Juliet—a better than decent romcom
5.  Robin Hood—pros: Russell Crowe; cons: too much fighting, not enough laughing
4.  Scott Pilgrim vs. the World—loved this movie, but it just didn’t have enough substance to make it to the top three
3.  Prince of Persia—like this movie had enough substance.  It really didn’t, but it did have this line “ostriches have suicidal tendencies.”  Enough to push it over the edge.  Plus I really liked the ending. 
2.  Toy Story 3—pros: I laughed; cons: I cried
1.  Avatar—It may have had a story; I was too busy looking at the visuals to pay attention


  1. I just recently watched Young Victoria. Loved it! I'm into all that beautiful costuming.

  2. I like your list WAY better than most Best Of lists. Thanks for sharing!