Sunday, January 8, 2012

Book Review: Join Me

Author: Danny Wallace 
Title: Join Me
Description: Danny Wallace (for a reason while I’ll let him explain to you) decides to place an ad asking people to join him by sending a passport photo. They do. What results is a collective, not a cult. To tell much else would be to present spoilers, since really not much actually happens in this book. Danny has done some silly things in the past, and conceived of a few more; his no-nonsense girlfriend calls these boy-projects and refuses to have any part of them.
Writing style: Wallace has a clever and funny writing style, which is really the point of this book. While I don’t know that I laughed out loud, I certainly enjoyed his sense of humor and read the book in about three days.
Audience: Those who enjoy humorous memoir (or really any type of memoir) will enjoy this book.
Major ideas: We can make the world a better place just by being friends and thinking of others. Don’t deceive your significant other.
Wrap-up: This was a very British book, full of pints and chips and other British things, including British humor, which can be irresistible if done well. 4/5*

I'm claiming this book for three reading challenges: the new author challenge (4/15), the unread books challenge, and the Memorable Memoirs challenge (1/4).

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