Sunday, May 27, 2012

Book Review: The Unfinished Work of Elizabeth D.

Title: The Unfinished Work of Elizabeth D.
Description: Kate’s friend Elizabeth passed away suddenly just before 9/11; Kate’s world is rocked by the twin losses. Now Kate discovers that Elizabeth has left her journals to her, asking only that she promise to read them from the beginning. As she does, Kate discovers that the friend she saw as uncomplicated and easygoing was completely different than she had imagined. Kate’s discoveries change the way she sees herself, her family, and her own life.
Review source: Netgalley
Plot: The gripping plot kept me interested all the way through. Before she even begins to read, Kate hears from Elizabeth’s husband that she was having an affair. The reasons for her friend’s betrayal, and even her death, are hidden in the journals.
Characters: Bernier shows how even close friends can appear one way, yet be completely different. The main characters (Kate & Elizabeth and their spouses) are finely drawn, their layers unwrapped as the story unfolds.
Writing style: For the most part I enjoyed it. The one portion that got a bit old was the constant agonizing by both women over their careers, largely lost to motherhood. I guess that is realistic, but I felt like it took up too much space in the book.
Audience: It’s chick lit.
Wrap-up: I’d call this a better-than-usual chick lit. Very little is as it initially appears, and the mystery kept me reading, as did the evolution of the characters and their marriages. 4/5*

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