Thursday, December 27, 2012

Book Review: Here Today, Gone to Maui

Author: Carol Snow
Title: Here Today, Gone to Maui
Description: Jane is excited to get to accompany her boyfriend Jimmy on a business trip to Maui, but he behaves oddly when they arrive and before long, he disappears altogether. In the midst of her grief, the police have to investigate the disappearance, and another woman shows up claiming that her boyfriend Jimmy has also disappeared. Hijinx ensue.
Review source: This was a book club book.
Plot: It didn’t ring true to me. Jane is responsible and obsessive about planning, but her boyfriend is commitment-phobic and sort of a loser (though he owns his own business).
Characters: The main character was believable except for her desire to be with this loser. The other girlfriend suits him much better, meaning that she is totally annoying.
Writing style: Breezy chick lit.
Audience: Folks who would like mystery-tinged chick lit.
Wrap-up: Book club prompts me to read many books I wouldn’t normally read. Some are winners, and some are losers. This one was somewhere in the middle. It was a quick read that didn’t leave much of an impression. 3/5*

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