Friday, March 29, 2013

Review: A World I Never Made

Author: James LePore
Title: A World I Never Made

Description: American Pat Nolan is called to Paris to identify his daughter’s body. When he arrives, he realizes that nothing is as is seems. Nolan joins forces with French policewoman Catherine to track down what really happened to his daughter. Meanwhile, flashbacks follow Nolan’s daughter, Megan, as she heads down the path that leads to her destruction.
Review source: This book was offered for free on kindle.
Plot: There were several plot twists that caught me by surprise, and the action never stopped. Both threads of the story kept me interested.
Characters: Pat and Megan both have their share of angst – that we’re told about quite a bit. The love story seems to be a bit facile. I guess I mean to say that it’s rare that both plot and character are topnotch. In this book, I’d say character suffers in contrast to plot. But it’s not bad.
Writing style: Taut, quick-moving, but not confusing.
Audience: It’s a thriller.
Wrap-up: I enjoyed this book quite a lot and was engrossed up to the end. 4/5*. 

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