Sunday, January 26, 2014

Review: Inside the Undergraduate Teaching Experience

Author: Catharine Hoffman Beyer, Edward Taylor, and Gerald M. Gillmore
Title: Inside the Undergraduate Teaching Experience: The University of Washington's Growth in Faculty Teaching Study 
Description: Researchers at the University of Washington conducted a study which examined professors’ teaching styles, specifically changes that they made to their teaching. They were especially interested in the types of changes that were made and the reasons for the changes.
Writing style: A combination of study results and anecdotes.
Audience: Anyone interested in undergraduate pedagogy.
Major ideas: The study identified a group of the best professors (based on awards for teaching); there were also randomly chosen professors in the group. Both sets change their teaching methods more than the researchers expected, with the best professors showing the most changes.
Wrap-up: This book was not a bad read, but I think I could have done as well with a well-done précis. 3/5*

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