Friday, March 11, 2011

I went to a conference this week on Information Fluency.  Before I submitted a proposal for the conference, I didn't really know what information fluency was; I thought it was probably synonymous with information literacy. After doing some reading, though, I discovered that information fluency combines ideas from information literacy, critical thinking, and technological literacy.  The conference meshed perfectly with my sort of newly emerging identity as half-fish, half-fowl (that is a librarian/rhetorician).  Although I did attend a couple of sessions on information literacy, I also heard some outstanding presentations on new media and our students.

Some ideas that I came away with wanting to follow up on:

  • Wonder wheel

  • Personal geography: we all construct an "internet" that we feel at home in.  This idea meshes with my ideas on sources and place, so as I revise for ACL, this may well find its way in.
  • Ambient Findablility

  • New Media Reader

There will be more-- these are just from my notes from the first two days.


  1. Sounds like a good conference you attended! I discovered wonder wheel a few months ago and have had such fun playing around with it and trying to figure out where I might fit this into my library research classes.

  2. I'm embarrassed that I hadn't heard of it before this week! But I'm convinced that we need to be more rhetorical about our library instruction.