Friday, March 4, 2011

Rattling my Bars

This week I had a chance to change my life.  A situation occurred (see Meeting the Dragon) that resulted in what appeared to be a fork in my road, a chance to stay on the path I'm on or to veer off in another, very appealing direction.

Boy, I was tempted.  I woke up happy for a couple of days straight thinking about all of the choices that were suddenly open to me.  There was a little skip in my step. I sounded out a couple of friends, my boss, and my most trusted advisor.  I prayed.

Suddenly last night, I had a revelation.  I get bored when I have a week of vacation.  If I didn't have this job that I love/hate, I would probably drive my poor family mad.  Even though I come home frustrated plenty of nights, I come home feeling good plenty of nights too.  I have a job that always challenges me, since even when I think I've seen everything, something I can't imagine comes up and I get to figure out how to handle it.  I work with the best folks in the world. I have the opportunity where I am to make a difference, sometimes.  I realized that even with the door to the cage wide open, I don't need to run through it.  Sometimes the cage is actually the sanctuary.


  1. My mind floats to similar places. How wise and dangerous your last thought is. Sometimes it is the comfort of that sanctuary that perpetuates the madness. Often there is fear on the convicts face upon the coming of the day of their release. His mates often claim aloud behind him, he'll be back.

  2. Joy, you certainly win for most beautiful cage! Literally a sanctuary!