Saturday, July 2, 2011

Reading Meme Part 1

Stolen from Alison J. and Amy R. who got it from several at Librarything  

Favorite childhood book – Shadow Castle, The Secret Garden

What are you reading right now – about 30 books; some for school, some for fun, some because they’re there. Last night, I read for about an hour on Collapse by Jared Diamond.

Bad book habit – reading too many books at once

Do you have an ereader? – I love my kindle

One book at a time or several – many

Least favorite book this year – Five languages of appreciation in the workplace

Favorite book this year – there have been several; how about Woman in White

How often do you read out of your comfort zone? Hmmm, reading itself is my comfort zone. I guess there are certain types of books I’d choose to read less frequently because of time limitations and I just can’t read them all, but that doesn’t mean that they would make me “uncomfortable.” I guess there are topics that would make me squirm. I won’t read graphic violence, for example.

Can you read on a bus – uh-huh. Where can’t I read? In the dark…

Favorite place to read? On the beach, in the shade

Policy on book lending – no, sorry. If I give it to you, it’s for keeps. Otherwise, it’s mine. (exception: my mom, because she always returns them!)

Do you ever dog ear books – Nope. I have a marvelous bookmark collection from RWA!

Do you ever write in the margins of your books – only for school.

Favorite language to read in – English. Duh.

What makes you love a book – characters. A well-done puzzle plot. Beautiful writing.

What will inspire you to recommend a book – anyone brings it (reading, books, basically anything) up, I’m off on a tear.

Favorite genre – I like all kinds of genres, but my go-to for fun is Regency romance.

Genre you rarely read but wish you did – I like memoirs, but there aren’t enough that really catch my attention. Also, I like books about competitions, preferably non-fiction. Don't know what that genre is called.

Favorite biography – Girl Meets God

Have you ever read a self help book – I just read Unfinished Business which is sort of self-help/memoir. 

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