Sunday, March 18, 2012

Book Review: Millie's Fling

Author: Jill Mansell 
Title: Millie’s Fling
Description: Millie lives with her friend Heather who has a nice boyfriend and a crush on Lucas. Mille meets famous author Orla (are there really names like that in England?), who wants to write a book about a normal person’s life, and Millie is that perfectly normal person. Millie meets a widower who is not quite ready to get back into the dating scene.  Millie has a nasty job and a nasty mom. Orla has a nasty spouse. All of these ingredients combine in various ways throughout this over-long novel.
Review source: free on kindle
Plot: too much. I can’t empathize with someone who sings gorilla telegrams. The coincidences are way too coincidental.
Characters: Didn’t like any of ‘em. The women were too cutesy. The men were either perfect, gay (that is, perfect and completely unavailable), or complete cads.
Writing style: there’s this British style that I really don’t like. It’s hard to pin down what exactly about it I hate. It’s too “madcap.” Also contrived, labored, too many plates spinning. And tries too hard to be funny. Sophie Kinsella pulled it off, though, in her latest, that I reviewed not too long ago. So that’s it when it works, this book is it when it doesn’t quite.
Audience: chick lit
Wrap-up: Sorry, it’s a miss for me. 2/5*

I'm claiming this book for three reading challenges: the new author challenge (17/15), the why buy the cow challenge, and the unread books challenge. 

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