Sunday, April 1, 2012

Book Review: Paris in Love

Author: Eloisa James
Title: Paris in Love
Description: Romance writer and Shakespearean scholar Eloisa James and her husband and two children take a sabbatical year in Paris after her brush with breast cancer. Sometimes a travelogue and sometimes just musings on parenthood, marriage, and life in general.
Source: Library Thing Early Reviewers
Writing style: If there was anything that put me off a little about this book, it was the style, which was mainly short, disconnected paragraphs. In the introduction, the author describes how she kept in touch via tweets and facebook updates and used them as the starting point for much of the book. Some of the paragraphs are just beautifully written, but overall, there was a little too much disconnection for me.
Audience: The book should appeal to those who enjoy memoir and travel books; it will have a built in readership of Eloisa James fans.
Major ideas: Maybe the French just know how to embrace themselves and their lives in a way that is fully engaged.
Wrap-up: Please don’t let the endorsement from Elizabeth Gilbert throw you off. This book is nothing like hers.  I mentioned my only caveat above. Mostly I really enjoyed this book, by one of my favorite romance authors. Her son is about the age of my son, so many of her stories really struck a chord. 4/5*

I'm claiming this book for the memoir challenge (3/4). 

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