Thursday, November 22, 2012

Book Review: Be Amazing

Author: Maggie Koerth-Baker 
Title: Be Amazing: Glow in the Dark, Control the Weather, Perform Your Own Surgery, Get Out of Jury Duty, Identify a Witch
Description: Published by Mental Floss, that magazine of really smart trivia that totally scratches my itch to know bizarre facts about everything under the sun. This book is a collection of short (generally 2 pages) accounts of little known facts under the guise of teaching you how to do them. For example, in order to perform your own surgery, you need: one pocketknife, intestinal fortitude. That sort of thing.
Writing style: Entertaining and witty, but there is no connection between the entries, so it was sort of like reading an encyclopedia straight through.
Audience: trivia buffs
Major ideas: the world is an awesome weird place.
Wrap-up: If you can’t get enough of Uncle John’s BathroomReader, this is the book for you! 3.5/5

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