Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Review: One Life

Author: Scot McKnight
Title: One Life: Jesus Calls, We Follow
Description: McKnight claims that the church has traditionally emphasized the wrong elements of the Christian life, thus giving a mistaken impression of what it means to follow Jesus.   
Source: This was the freshman One Read at Southeastern University this year. I started the book along with them but took a little longer to finish it.
Writing style: McKnight is a professor at a Christian school, and that’s his voice here; the book sounds very much as though it is written to students, and examples from his relationships with various students are sprinkled throughout the book. The author continually refers to, and the period there really started to get on my nerves as he referred to,, etc. etc. What exactly does that period mean and why is it there? Maybe you have to be under 30 to get it…
Audience: Young Christians.
Major ideas: Following Jesus might not be exactly what your church has told you.  The main distinction is McKnight’s de-emphasis of personal acts of piety and stress on bringing the kingdom of God to earth by increasing peace and justice. 
Wrap-up: This idea isn't knew, but McKnight conveys it in an engaging way. 3.5/5*

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