Monday, September 23, 2013

Review: The 39 Steps

Author: John Buchan

Title: The 39 Steps
Description: Richard Hannay, newly arrived in England just before WWII meets a neighbor with a secret; when the neighbor turns up dead in Richard’s flat, Hannay takes up the secret and goes on the run.
Review source: This was a book club selection; it’s old enough to be free on kindle.
Plot: This is an action-packed thriller; it’s so short that there really isn’t time for the reader to (metaphorically) take a breath. Hannay is on the run from one bad guy after another; at the same time he’s trying to solve the mystery and save the world.
Characters: This isn’t a book about character. Hannay and all of the other folks who appear are completely interchangeable.
Writing style: You’ve probably put it together by now; this isn’t my favorite type of book. I haven’t seen the movie(s) based on the book, but the book really reminds me of those thriller movies that have chases, fights, and blood, but at the end of the movie you can’t remember a single character’s name.
Audience: It’s a spy novel with some detective elements.

Wrap-up: I’m really bad at those kinds of books where you have to do a lot of visualizing of the action, and this book is mostly like that. It wasn’t my favorite of the book club picks. 2.5/5*

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