Sunday, September 15, 2013

Review: Edge of Grace

Author: Christa Allan

Title: Edge of Grace
Description: Caryn Becker has had a rough couple of years. Her husband’s death has left her a widow and her young son fatherless. Much of the father’s role is filled by Caryn’s brother David, so Caryn is floored when David lets her know that he is gay. Caryn’s faith is shaken by her husband’s death, and this new revelation only makes things worse. 
Review source: ALA
Plot: Caryn’s life is so scattered it stressed me just to read about it. David gets severely hurt and Caryn is forced to decide between having a gay brother and having no brother at all.
Characters: I didn’t especially like Caryn, nor did it strike me as realistic that she would completely cut off her beloved brother because of his orientation. It’s not because of her faith—it’s just because she’s uncomfortable with “people like that.”
Writing style: Nothing spectacular. This is an issues book. The author has complete power here. She can make some characters (i.e. David) come across as perfect. Of course, the effect of that is to make Caryn seem unreasonable for having misgivings. 
Audience: It’s Christian women’s fiction.

Wrap-up: No matter what, a book on this topic would ruffle some feathers with its intended audience. It’s worth reading because it is thought provoking. 3/5*

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