Friday, December 6, 2013

Review: Ashes

Title: Ashes
Description: Assorted ghost stories.

Review source: It was free for Kindle.
Plot: Nicholson is writing new ghost stories, so he takes the genre and makes some twists on in, but he stays within genre conventions, pretty much.
Characters: Some stories are told from the ghosts’ point of view. Other stories have ghosts haunting those who deserve it.
Writing style: These were engaging stories, not so horrible that they gave me nightmares, not so gory that I had to stop reading—but a little horrible and a little gory.
Audience: If you’d like to see what’s being done with this neglected genre these days.

Wrap-up: If you enjoy reading ghost stories, these are a good mix of traditional conventions and new situations. 3/5*

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