Sunday, April 6, 2014

Review: What Angels Fear

What Angels Fear by C.S. Harris (A Sebastian St. Cyr mystery). A while back I read a book that was in the
middle of this series, and I liked it well enough to want to read the rest of the books in the series. So this is the first book in the series (I’m actually planning to read from two ends—read on from the spot I started, and read in order from the beginning). In this book, an actress is horrifically murdered in a church, and the weapon at the scene implicates Sebastian St. Cyr. An accident when the police are arresting Sebastian implicates him even further and sends him into hiding. Staying out of the hands of the police and investigating the murder to find the real culprit keep Sebastian busy. 

I enjoyed this book a good deal, perhaps even more than the previous title I had read in the series, which I found a little far-fetched. Series regulars were introduced here, as were Sebastian’s near-supernatural senses. Harris excels at character development and historical detail, two of my real soft spots when reading historical mystery. The only drawback to this book was the graphic nature of the crime. 4/5*

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