Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Book Review: Delivered with Love

Author: Sherry Kyle 
Title: Delivered with Love
Description: Jobless and newly homeless, Claire takes off in pursuit of her mother’s mysterious past. Arriving in the town from which her mother was sent a letter signed by the unknown “M,” Claire reconnects with an old neighbor, rents a house from someone who might have written the letter, and falls for her hunky neighbor who cooks for her (who wouldn’t?)
Review source: This book was a freebie on kindle.
Plot: Pretty clunky. It’s obvious early on that it’s Christian fiction of the most annoying sort. Lots of coincidences (although in Christian fiction, they’re never just coincidences, are they?)
Characters: The characters are also pretty generic. The abused wife. The hunky neighbor. The sweet old lady.
Writing style: Well, I didn’t HATE reading this book.
Audience: This is pretty much straight-up Christian romance/chick lit. If that’s totally your thing, give it a try. If it’s not, don’t bother.
Wrap-up: This book would have been better with fewer coincidences, a less naïve heroine, more subtle spirituality, and a less predictable plot. For starters. 2/5*

I'm claiming this book for three reading challenges: the new author challenge (14/15), the why buy the cow challenge, and the unread books challenge.

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