Monday, April 9, 2012

Book Review: Sophie and the Rising Sun

Author: Augusta Trobaugh
Title: Sophie and the Rising Sun
Description : This is a short novel, close to a novella, set in Georgia in 1941. When Miss Anne’s oriental gardener and Miss Sophie begin to become friends, not only do they face their racial differences, but their age—and the beginning of WWII.
Review source: Library Thing Early Reviewers
Plot: Nothing mind-blowing. Two people who think they have missed love somehow find it, in the worst of all possible circumstances. Complicated by the church-going, Bible-thumping busybody that always hangs out somewhere in small towns like these.
Characters: Most of the characters are sympathetic, except for the above-mentioned busybody.
Writing style: Very understated. The book wasn’t put out by a religious press, but it could have been.
Audience: This book is a love story, but it’s not a romance (if that makes sense). I think romance readers might like it, though, as would literary fiction readers and those who normally go for Christian fiction.
Wrap-up: This book is quiet and understated, like its hero and heroine. It’s worth a read, though. 4/5*


  1. I must read this book :) come to see my blog :)

  2. Thanks, Catalina. I hope you enjoy the book!