Saturday, April 27, 2013

Author: Ruth Reichl
Title: Comfort me with Apples

Description: Reichl is the master of the food memoir. She recalls her life through meals she had at different times with different people—though that’s really putting it a bit simply. She remembers events and food events at the same level, and excels at describing both to the reader.   
Source: This was my choice for our book group read.
Writing style: Oh, she is so sensuous. She can describe the taste, the experience of food like no one else; she uses all her senses to encounter a meal and then replays it for us.
Audience: foodies, memoir readers
Major ideas: The book is about a difficult time in Reichl’s life: the breakup of a marriage and a romance and her experiences with infertility. She’s pretty honest with the reader about her own failings, but we forgive her because she writes so beautifully.
Wrap-up: I’m a fan, and gobbled this book up. I just wish I had someone to cook the recipes at the end of each chapter for me! 5/5*

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