Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Review: The Other Side

Author: Starr Reina
Title: The Other Side: Melinda’s Story
Description: Melinda, 22, has been in a mental hospital since she was 13. The authorities didn’t believe her story that she could speak to her father and best friend after they died. On top of that, her mother and brother disappeared, and there were no other suspects. In this book, Melinda tells her story in a last-ditch effort to get released from the hospital.
Review source: galley from the author
Plot: Completely unbelievable. Nothing fit together.
Characters: Part of the problem was that there was a gap of time. So the 22 year old Melinda telling the story and acting in present day acts exactly like the 13 year old Melinda. And when Melinda’s brother and best friend appear to her from beyond the grave, are they supposed to be the age they were when they died? Or have they aged along with Melinda? If not, why does 22 year old Melinda want to hang out with a 13 year old girl?
Writing style: There were lots of problems with tense because of the flashback / present day structure. And, typical of this type of book, there are many phrases, especially of dialogue, that just don’t ring true.
Audience: definitely YA.
Wrap-up: The blurb the author sent sounded interesting so I gave it a shot, but unfortunately, I can’t recommend it. 2/5*

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