Saturday, May 25, 2013

Book Review: Rally 'Round Green

Author: Judy Christie
Title: Rally Round Green

Description: This is the fourth book in this series that I’ve read and reviewed.  In this installment, there is a threat to the Green school district, where Lois’ husband Chris is a coach and teacher. Of course, the paper must lead the effort of the citizens to “rally round Green.”
Review source: I got the first four books from the author at ALA.
Plot: I thought the plot in this one was one of the better plots. Although not as initially destructive as the tornado in an earlier book, the closure of a local school is something many small towns have had to face, and Christie does a good job of exploring the impact such an event would have on the town as a whole.
Characters: The supporting characters are all there—Lois and Chris are struggling with renovating their old house. The newspaper employees and Lois’ friends all have stuff going on, and there are a couple of interesting new villains.
Writing style: Homey and folksy as with the previous books.
Audience: I’d call it Christian women’s fiction.

Wrap-up: This series did grow on me, as I felt that Christie improved with each title in the series. It’s not enough of “my kind of reading” for me to make an effort to seek out book five, though. 3.5/5*

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