Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Book Review: Safari Jema

Author: Teresa O’Kane
Title: Safari Jema

Description: O’Kane and her husband take several months to make an overland tour of Africa, starting in the north and ending up in South Africa. This is the story of their journey.  
Source: One of seven books nominated for Foreword’s award in the travel category (I’m a judge this year).
Writing style: O’Kane is funny and self-deprecating. The incidents she chooses to relate are usually quite interesting, but the book overall comes across as a little too loosely connected & episodic.
Audience: People who enjoy reading accounts of travel and different cultures.
Major ideas: It’s possible to travel if traveling is really your dream. If you are prepared for a little discomfort and open to others, you can have some wild adventures.

Wrap-up: This book ended up in second place in my list of honorees. I enjoyed it because of O’Kane’s attitude of wonder, curiosity, and acceptance, and because of her knack for knowing what would be interesting to a reader and what might come across as merely boring. I don’t know if I could endure parasites in my feet, though—I’d prefer to just read the book! 4/5*

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