Sunday, May 19, 2013

Review: The Master & Margarita

Author: Mikhail Bulgakov
Title: The Master & Margarita

Description: I’ll give it a shot. There are some odd folks in Russia who seem to have the ability to predict the future. Some poets die, or go insane. There are flashbacks to the trial of Jesus by Pilate. Demons are involved, as is Satan himself. Confusion ensues. There is a woman named Margarita who loves a writer named The Master. She gets involved with the bad guys, but all seems to turn out in the end.
Plot: As you may perceive, I didn’t really get the plot.
Characters: I didn’t get the characters either.
Writing style: The book was originally written in Russian. I read the Ginsburg translation which is supposed to be the best; I can’t imagine how incomprehensible the other translations must be. It’s also supposed to be satirical. I guess I don’t know enough about communism in Stalinist Russia to get the satire.
Audience: Very smart people. Smarter than me.
Wrap-up: Absolutely hated it. Could be the worst book I ever actually finished. Since I don’t give zero stars, I guess it gets 1/5*

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