Friday, June 14, 2013

Review: Love All

Author: Callie Wright

Title: Love All
Description: This is the story of a week or so in the lives of 3 generations of a family. Bob, the grandfather, has just lost his wife and has to move in with his daughter Anne and her husband Hugh. Their teenage children Julia and Teddy complete the family. Central to the story is infidelity, both Bob’s and Hugh’s, and how it affects all of the family members. The week is both a time of great change in the family’s life, and a marker of the last time everything was the way it should be—or at least, before everything changed even more.
Review source: From Library Thing Early Reviewers
Plot: The stories of all of the central characters are told at the same time, including some flashbacks.
Characters: There’s no one here that I can especially identify with. The teens are self-centered, as teens can be. The parents are also self-centered. And Bob is a complete jerk.
Writing style: Nothing stands out too much here, except for Julia and her two best friends coming up with slang of their own, which mostly came across as just odd.
Audience: women’s fiction? Literary fiction?

Wrap-up: The title puzzled me for most of the book, though I guess it can mean no one has anything, or else that it’s the beginning point—which it is for some, but certainly not for everyone here. I found this book to be a fairly sad book about lonely and miserable people. 2.5/5*

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