Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Book Review: The Sword

Author: Bryan Litfin
Title: The Sword (Book 1 of the Chiveis Trilogy)

Description: In the distant future, after human civilization has collapsed in on itself and people have gone back to living off the land, farmer’s daughter Ana and royal soldier Teo meet and become friends. For some reason, Ana is being pursued by unknown enemies, but Teo is quite capable of stepping in to save her. As they return to safety, they come across some ancient writings that seem to point toward a religion that has long been forgotten, but rings true to them.  
Review source: It was free for Kindle.
Plot: I didn’t realize this was Christian fiction until about halfway through. It’s interesting to speculate about what might happen if every trace of Christianity were eliminated from a civilization (this culture worships deities much like the Greek gods). An awful lot happened in this book. (That means—too much plot).
Characters: Ana is perfect (i.e. boring). Teo is perfect, except that he believes in himself, not in God.  Secondary characters are pretty much one-note.
Writing style: It’s pretty straightforward, klunky at times.
Audience: It’s Christian fantasy.

Wrap-up: Not the best of the kindle freebies I’ve picked up. Also, the book ends in the middle of things, so don’t bother unless you want to read the trilogy. 2/5*

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