Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Review: Forgotten

Author: Cat Patrick
Title: Forgotten
Description: High school junior London remembers backward. Every day at 4:33 a.m. she forgets the previous day (and therefore all of her past), but she “remembers” what will happen in the future—except for the day she is living in. She has to take notes  to remember what happened at school, fights, and so on. Then she starts having a “memory” of a funeral, but whose funeral is it?
Review source: ALA
Plot: I thought  the conceit here was really interesting, and the author pulled it off well. I couldn’t really find any points where she messed up, and it would have been really tricky to juggle all those details.
Characters: London is a spunky teen who has learned to adapt to her situation and is determined to solve the mystery that appears in her “memory.” Patrick develops London’s key relationships very well, even as London has to try to figure out what she might have done the previous day to affect that person’s attitude toward her.
Writing style: The story develops steadily with new information released gradually. It’s a book about relationships as well as about what may have happened—or may be going to happen.
Audience: This is a YA book, but I think anyone would like it.

Wrap-up: I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it as a quick and interesting read. 4/5*

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