Thursday, August 22, 2013

Review: Making Waves

Author: Lorna Seilstad
Title: Making Waves
Description: In 1895, there aren’t many options for women, and Marguerite Westing is chafing under the constrictions of her life. She wants to learn to sail, she wants to study astronomy, and she doesn’t want to marry the insufferable man her mother has picked out. The entire family spends the summer at a lake camp where Marguerite meets Trip Andrews. Trip shares her Christian faith and helps Marguerite and her brother with some family issues, and attraction blossoms between the two of them.  
Review source: It was free for Kindle.
Plot: There are several different plot threads here, and they are woven together nicely.
Characters: Marguerite is spoiled and self-centered, and has a tendency to lie when she opens her mouth, but she’s not too unpleasant. Trip is a more attractive character, but he tends to be harsh when he discovers Marguerite’s mistakes.
Audience: It’s a Christian romance.

Wrap-up: The book was pleasant and an engaging read. 3/5*

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