Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Review: Sideways on a Scooter

Author: Miranda Kennedy
Title: Sideways on a Scooter: Life and Love in India
Description: Miranda Kennedy moved to India to accommodate her job as an Asian-affairs reporter. This book is about her time living among the Indians. It’s about how they view foreigners, especially foreign women, and especially single foreign women (Kennedy had to make up a mythical husband just to get an apartment). It’s also about the condition of women in India in general. Kennedy’s servants, one a Brahmin and one a dalit, and Kennedy’s two closest Indian friends come in for scrutiny.
Writing style: Kennedy is honest about her own feelings and shortcomings, and especially about her trepidations as a single woman living in a foreign country. She is also compassionate as she tries to understand lives that are so different from hers.
Audience: One of my absolute favorite non-fiction genres is Americans living in foreign countries, so people who share that with me will love this book. In general , it’s a great travel memoir.
Major ideas: India is a really foreign place for Americans, especially when it comes to relations between the sexes. This book was written before the horrific rape case of this past year, but that situation was constantly on my mind as I read.

Wrap-up: I loved this book and highly recommend it. 4/5*

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