Sunday, July 28, 2013

Review: Iron House

Author: John Hart
Title: Iron House
Description: Michael’s girlfriend Elena is pregnant, so he decides to leave the life he’s been living, that of a Mafia hitman. Not surprisingly, the Mafia isn’t crazy about this decision and decides to go after Michael using his younger brother Julian as bait. Michael and Julian spent most of their childhood in a horrid orphanage called Iron House, and it seems that this past is coming back to haunt them both.  
Review source: ALA
Plot: If you can’t tell from the description, this is a thriller, one of my not-so-favorite genres, but I really liked this one. There were enough separate plot threads to always keep me guessing about where Hart was heading next.
Characters: Michael was an interesting guy—a cold-blooded killer who becomes a hero. Elena wasn’t just a helpless victim.  Julian’s adoptive mother, Abigail, is also an interesting character.
Writing style: Pretty typical thriller I guess. There was one section that was quite graphically violent.
Audience: Thriller and mystery readers (Hart has at least two Edgar awards).

Wrap-up: After about midway through, I couldn’t let this one go. 4/5*

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