Friday, July 19, 2013

Review: Insatiable

Author: Meg Cabot

Title: Insatiable
Description: Meena knows how people will die just by meeting their eyes. She’s puzzled when she meets Lucien and does not know how he will die. Other odd things start to happen, and soon it becomes clear that Lucien has no death in his future because he is one of the undead. Meanwhile, the two fall in love. Lucien is being pursued both by rogue vampires and by a secret Vatican task force that kills vampires and that covets Meena as a potential operative.
Review source: RWA
Plot: The overly involved plot makes it clear that sequels will be forthcoming.
Characters: Meena is immature and materialistic. Lucien is too fatherly (after all, he is hundreds of years older than she is). Secondary characters are interesting, though.
Writing style: Cabot is famous for her YA books (Princess Diaries) and this book reads very much like a YA. I suppose it might be a part of the new genre of New Adult literature, though I don’t recall it being marketed that way.
Audience: YA and young adults. It’s sort of a Twilight rip-off, except one leg of the triangle is human.

Wrap-up: Meena’s special talent of knowing how someone will die is much more interesting than a girl falling in love with a vampire. I wish the book had been about that. 3/5* (There is at least one sequel; I won’t be reading it). 

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