Saturday, July 6, 2013

Review: Invisible

Author: Lorena McCourtney
Title: Invisible
Description: Widowed senior citizen Ivy Malone has a couple of problems: there’s vandalism going on at a country cemetery, and even worse, a young neighbor turns up murdered. Ivy can’t resist investigating both of these problems.
Review source: Free on Kindle
Plot: This is a pretty well-constructed mystery, though Ivy gets away with an awful lot of interfering in police investigations and does some pretty foolish things.
Characters: This is definitely a cozy. Ivy and her friends are senior aged. Since this is a Christian mystery, Ivy tries to live up to her faith, and this is portrayed pretty realistically.
Writing style: The book was well-written, with clues doled out regularly. 
Audience:  Elderly Christian ladies?

Wrap-up: This book is apparently part of a series, and while the mysteries in this book are wrapped up, Ivy is left with a death threat that presumably will come into play in a subsequent book in the series. 3/5*

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