Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Review: Goodnight Tweetheart

Title: Goodnight, Tweetheart
Description: Despite a brilliantly written first novel, Abby Donovan’s writing career is on the skids, and her agent prescribes a healthy dose of social media, so Abby lands on Twitter without a clue what she’s doing. English professor Mark Baynard offers to show her the ropes, so to speak, and the two strike up a flirtatious twitter relationship. The novel is written mostly in tweets.
Plot: I’ve got a weakness for epistolary novels, which is basically what this is. There’s a big plot twist at the end that I didn’t see coming, though that’s probably because I was reading so fast (this is one of those quick beach-read type books).
Characters: Both Abby and Mark have difficulties to overcome, but their friendship comes across as genuine.
Writing style: The novel goes into “cutesy” a little too frequently for me. That’s always a danger when authors try to write “witty banter,” which, what else can you do in a novel based on Tweets?
Audience: It’s a romance.

Wrap-up: A fun summer read, just what I needed for a change. 4/5*

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