Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Book Review: Elisha's Bones

Author: Don Hoesel
Title: Elisha’s Bones
Description: Archaeology professor Jack Hawthorne is hired by a mysterious millionaire to find a sacred artifact. He travels around the world, hooks up with a beautiful woman, finds some clues, some people get killed…
Review source: Free on kindle (looks like it still is).
Plot: Too much happened in this book. The plot sent Jack and Espy from one crisis to another. Realistically, they shouldn’t have survived past Venezuela…
Characters: Character development isn’t a strong suit here. The characters are just something the plot happens to.
Writing style: Typical thriller. Very little character development because things keep happening. I don’t think this book would be in existence without The Da Vinci Code; it’s very much along those same lines.
Audience: This book is Christian fiction, but the Christian part is fairly light-handed. The relic (oh, you know it is Elisha’s bones; the title gives it away) supposedly has supernatural powers. Jack sort of equates if the bones really do have supernatural powers then God exists.
Wrap-up: I’m really not a big fan of thrillers.  2.5/5*

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