Sunday, July 15, 2012

Book Review: Thy Neighbor

Author: Norah Vincent
Title: Thy Neighbor
Description: Nick lives a wasted life alone in his childhood home, spending most of his days sleeping and most of his nights drunk and high. Thirteen years before, his father shot his mother, then committed suicide, and that was pretty much it for Nick. When he can think, he spends his time with Monica, a girl with no last name, past, or occupation, or he spies on his neighbors.
Review source: netgalley
Plot: Somehow, things seem to be revealing more about Nick’s past than they ever have before. He never knew what really went on between his father & his mother, but someone out there does know.
Characters: This is the author’s first novel, so I have nothing to compare it to, but Nick’s voice (it’s a first-person narrative) is right on. He’s bitter, sarcastic, and funny. He’s angry and vulnerable. Pretty amazing.
Writing style: This is definitely a dark story, and it really made me think. I actually used my kindle highlighter, meaning there were some passages I want to think on some more.
Audience: It’s a mystery/thriller. If you're offended by graphic language, this book isn't for you.
Wrap-up: A little darker than what I usually read, but it kept me fascinated through to the end. 4/5*

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