Sunday, July 1, 2012

Book Review: Gone to Green

Author: Judy Christie
Title: Gone to Green
Description: Lois inherits a small-town newspaper (in Green, La.) and moves there to take over running the bi-weekly publication. She has been working in a large city newsroom, so she has to make adjustments: to a small town, to being the boss, and to living in the south, for starters.
Review source: I got the first four volumes of this series from the author last year at ALA. There is now a fifth volume.
Plot: Involves Lois meeting the citizens of Green and some nefarious land development going on.
Characters: Lots of small-town characters crop up; I’m sure they’ll be back in the next book. I most enjoyed the subplot of Lois befriending a rebellious teenager, but she also meets a catfish farmer/football coach, a lady pastor, etc.
Writing style: No distracting tendencies. Basic storytelling.
Audience: This is Christian fiction (Lois isn’t Christian, but everyone she meets is). Also chick lit.
Wrap-up: It was an enjoyable read. If I didn’t have the next three books, I probably wouldn’t seek them out, but since I do have them, I’ll read them. 3/5*

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