Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Book Review: Healer's Apprentice

Author: Melanie Dickerson
Title: The Healer’s Apprentice
Description: Rose works at the castle learning how to be a healer. There she meets the brothers Wilhelm and Rupert, sons of the Duke. They are both attracted to her, but Wilhelm, as the eldest, is betrothed to the daughter of a neighboring Duke.
Review source: It was a freebie on kindle.
Plot: Which brother (if any) will Rose end up with? Who is Wilhelm’s betrothed? Who is the evil sorcerer who Wilhelm must pursue? Will Gunther, Rose’s friend, be hanged for murder? Plenty going on here!
Characters: I liked the characters here. They were believable; not too holy, but trying to do the right thing.
Writing style: As befits a YA title, there was no sex or profanity. The action moved at a pace that kept me interested.
Audience: Basically, it’s a Christian romance, though it’s set in an unusual time period for the genre (1382).
Wrap-up This book was a freebie for me from Amazon for the kindle. I never know what I’m getting with this kind of book, but this one was better than most. From the material on Amazon, it appears that the book is marketed to YA, but I didn’t feel like it was especially YA-oriented as I was reading it (though it certainly could appeal to teenage girls). It’s also Christian fiction, though that does not become apparent until some way into the book. A pleasant read. 4/5*

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