Monday, June 4, 2012

Book Review: Wife 22

Title: Wife 22
Description: Alice Buckle is nearly at the twenty year point in her marriage, but things are going wrong. Her son is probably gay, and her daughter probably has an eating disorder, not to mention that she and her husband are more like cooperative roommates than anything else. An email inviting her to be a participant in a marriage study seems to be offering her a way to engage in some self-reflection, so she signs up and becomes Wife 22.
Review source: Netgalley
Plot: The plot is really cute. Wife 22 is assigned to Researcher 101, and they quickly strike up a bond that might be more than professional. How is it that Researcher 101 is so in tune with her, yet her husband of nearly twenty years can be so oblivious? Meanwhile, her job is difficult, his job is difficult, and the kids are having teenage drama.
Characters: The main characters, Alice, William, and Researcher 101 are all quite engaging. Some of the secondary characters are not quite so well-written, but overall, they are a very lively bunch.
Writing style: This is where Gideon excels. The book has facebook posts, tweets, texts, IM chats, and of course the marriage research that Alice faithfully completes. Alice is a witty and sympathetic first-person narrator.
Audience: It’s chick lit, but definitely a cut above.
Wrap-up: I totally hated that it ended. And when it ended, I just wanted to start it again. This one surprised me with its utter charm! 5/5*

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