Saturday, June 2, 2012

Book Review: Stress-Proof Your Life

Author: Elisabeth Wilson 
Title: Stress-Proof Your Life: 52 Brilliant Ideas for Taking Control
Description: 52 short chapters each describing a way to decrease the stress in your life.
Source: free for kindle
Writing style: Easy to read. Nothing special.
Audience: Stressed people.
Major ideas: I think the idea is to read—and implement—one idea per week for a year, at the end of which, you will have a remarkably stress-free life.
Wrap-up: Some of the ideas are good, and some are a little bit out there (aromatherapy, supplements, etc.). Some are nothing more than common sense. The book has value if you actually follow through on the ideas that click with you—and just ignore the rest. 3/5*

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