Saturday, June 16, 2012

Book Review: Leota's Garden

Author: Francine Rivers  
Title: Leota’s Garden
Description : Annie has been kept from knowing her grandmother by her mother’s bitterness about her unhappy childhood. Rather than going to the prestigious college her mother prefers, Annie decides to stay in town, go to art school, and get to know her grandmother, Leota.
Review source: this was a free book on kindle.
Plot: Annie and her grandmother are at the center of the story, but we also meet Corban, a college student who is assigned to Leota as part of a research assignment, Eleanor, Annie’s unhappy mother, and various neighborhood residents.
Characters: Annie is barely eighteen, sweet and naïve, but determined to get to know her grandmother. The various supporting characters add interest.
Writing style: This is pretty standard Christian fiction. The non-Christian characters are desperately unhappy—though to Rivers’ credit, she doesn’t fall into the then-they-all-got-saved trap at the end of the book.
Audience: Rivers has many fans who will enjoy this book.
Wrap-up: I found it pretty sappy and thought it was too long. 2.5/5


  1. Thanks for easing my conscience about not reading it. I read one of her other books which I remember as being ok, but not good enough that I wanted to read another of her books.

  2. They tend to be massive. I've also read Redeeming Love, and felt the same way about it...